"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Great things begin with a single step."

Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Every​one's life ​path is unique.  We each have our own journey, our own life maps to discover and create. Although each path is individual, the one commonality we all share is that as we move through this life, unfolding at almost every turn - we ​​BECOME.​ ​​ It's fascinating to consider how each of us take turns in life that we travel day in and day out, year after year that may (or may not) support us in living a life of passion, fulfillment and inner peace.​ Sadly, we sometimes discover what is truly important too late and wish we had made different choices along the way to create more significant life prints.

Too many times I have known discontent and restlessness; moments of confusion and mundane existence, felt the grip of fear, emotional paralysis and even self loathing. ​ All these moments have led me to where I am today. Looking back, they have made way for a more resilient, adaptable, compassionate, and authentic self.
I am getting to know  mydivine SELF more deeply.​ ​

Kimberlee Wolfe, Life Coach / All Rights Reserved


How my path began...

I was raised by a single mother, an amazing woman who is my hero. An extremely resourceful​ ​woman who has a great passion for life that extended from managing her careers, raising her own children as well as fostering special young adults in her later years. Always generous of heart and being, my mother was an intelligent, liberal minded thinker for her generation who refused to be limited by her health challenges and life circumstances. Although she did rebound from breast cancer twice, these and other health setbacks, did mean that my brothers and I were thrust into managing adult household and financial responsibilities very early in life. My own life journey had begun.

Throughout my early life, I excelled in the performing arts and entered Fine Arts studies at University of Calgary. However, despite my talents and passion for the Arts, I was urged to pursue an education in business to guarantee future earning power. After six long arduous years I graduated with a BA in Sociology and Business Studies.  Even though I am proud of what I achieved, I was not living my “best” self.  I followed the advice of others instead of​ following my heart.​

During University, I became engaged to, and later married a man that would soon after become a “former” husband. This was a "collision" just waiting to happen. I listened to that fearful voice and didn’t follow what my true heart and intuition told me. However, the learning for me was profound - I was gifted with the awareness of what ignoring my  inner compass felt like.  

I discovered a page of my passion map.​

My first post university career was with the Calgary Convention & Visitors Bureau (Tourism Calgary), moving quickly into their international sales and marketing department. ​​ Representing the city I was born in and loved; promoting Calgary to media, international tour wholesalers, buyers and meeting planners from around the world, came naturally.        

I had arrived at the next fork in my Path. ​

I found myself focusing on my life map. Although I continued to produce at work, I wasn’t living as joyfully​​ any longer. My spirit was trying to guide me. Unfortunately I was choosing fearful beliefs around my work, my family and my existence.  I didn’t know which way to proceed. And then as if by magic I manifested an amazing retreat for women, designed and lead by a woman who would become my own life coach.  The rerouting process began.  I reconnected with myself and discovered the answers to prepare for the next remarkable direction awaiting me. 

​The focus became in strengthening Kimberlee's connection to her true Self and inner compass. The feelings of being lost began to fade.  I realized that throughout my life, one constant factor for me had been experienced when I accessed my heart space and trusted. Even though I had often thought it was about money, power and positions, what I really loved was connecting with others and sharing a genuine heart space.  

The process of reconnecting my SELF through others; being in service by empowering them to shape their journey and remember the vision they had for their life, was my ultimate satisfaction. ​Helping people clarify their values and release their limiting beliefs​ ​delivered terrific fulfillment.

As I more deeply explored this soul-full sojourn, ​​ I found myself increasingly focused on how could I serve others while living more wholeheartedly myself? How could I make a difference in their lives?  It became clear that heart felt conversations and authentic engagement were like "soul food" for me -- the driving force that lead me to higher self-actualization.

​Having the willingness to TRUST that I was put on this path was self-awakening for me. My experiences and life lessons could possibly offer strength and clarity to others. The choices we make for ourselves on a daily basis, matters greatly!  ​We can live the life we really want when given the space to investigate deeper. How we choose to let go of the things that no longer serve us makes room for better things, and it doesn't happen all at once -- it's a process. And sometimes the pathway isn't easy. But most journeys that are worth it, take time and loving attention.....on step at a time!

My Journey

Throughout those 13 years I advanced into the top echelon of the sales team successfully securing over $30 million in convention bookings and business for the city. This experience gifted me with many opportunities that galvanized greater  growth both spiritually and professionally. 

Then my cousin died unexpectedly from cancer in 2001.  This affected me tremendously.  I fell into a depression – questioning my purpose, and ultimately what my legacy would be.  For me, it was a wake-up call.  As I attended Jason's memorial service I asked myself: “If I was to die tomorrow – what would be on my epitaph?  How would people remember me? ​How well did I live my life?​​ How would I like to be remembered?​ How lovingly do I show up in my relationships which include myself!?”  I felt an urgency to live my life more fully and to build a map that would make it a remarkable and memorable one.

​By 2003, I decided to step off the path that had become a secure but predictable​​ rut. ​ I was desiring new challenges ​for​ myself and ways of ​living​​.  As if the Universe heard my thoughts, a friend suggested I work for a company in Mexico.  My first response was doubt and fear, magnifying my limited thinking and need for certainty.​  ​​However, my true desire to live more wholeheartedly encouraged me forward. I followed my soul’s calling.  This was something I knew I would deeply regret if I didn't pursue.

"A joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, inspiration and faith". Brene Brown.

Need a space

Kimberlee Wolfe, Life Coach / All Rights Reserved

Isn't it about time to focus on what matters most?

Finding Me...​ 

Grupo Vidanta is a privately owned vacation club and Mexican real estate corporation. The position was 100% commission based, and felt extremely risky at the time. ​However, m​y inner compass would not be quelled.  I trusted my own instincts this time. I knew this was something I had to do. Within a month I ​​submitted my resignation, packed the most essentials and​ showed up to a job that​ I​ had not even been interviewed for.

Great and overwhelming experiences met me almost daily. ​My previous held beliefs of what was possible were tested and ground down. Despite cultural​​ differences and learning a new industry, I thrived. ​ I felt I was living a dream all the while living in a tropical paradise!​

I continued to challenge myself five years later by ​​driving across Mexico to the company’s headquarters in Nuevo Vallarta, setting and actualizing even higher goals for my career growth. However, unforeseen by me, the move bumped me back to rookie status. I had to once again prove my mettle to an entrenched doubting hierarchy. As if the Universe had conspired for me, at the height of the U.S. recession, I had achieved elite status within the International Sales division selling the highest volume ever achieved by a female Sales Representative. 

As is often the case though, life's journeys sometimes require detours and rerouting. Mine was no different. The company goals and directions were diverging from my own. Work that I had previously found joyous and gratifying was becoming painful and drudgery.  New demands and outcomes were diminishing my experience of connection with myself and clients. I wanted to be authentic and help my clients but corporate goals and schedules were making this increasingly more difficult.​ ​In addition, my dear mother was diagnosed with early signs of dementia. Her life appeared to be on a downward spiral. She slumped into an abyss of depression and fear and here I was thousands of miles away from her.